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I have been thinking of creating a total new version of CoHF
but since during the beta phase of my previous game failed
and the reason of it failing was because of comparing AS2 to AS3

And it was laggy as hell with the ragdoll features.
So I abandoned it. and that was atleast a year ago.

And now when i finally have migrated to AS3 and builded an editor
for this wonderful language, Adobe releases their own editor.

So now finally when I have got back on my feets.
Im here to stay, and with me i will bring you a new complexity
to the gaming here at Newgrounds. And YES it will not be a game
that anyone can master. It will be so damn difficult that it will be
basicly impossible to play, but it will be addicting and hopefully
it will bring me some cash, because i don't have any so everything
i do from here and now on Will be to earn cash and fame.

About the New Game
This new game is in alpha phase. not much done
but I have a strategy of creating it. and how it should be played

The gameplay is very simple, but complex.
You only have Men's / Guys or whatever you will call em
Those guys you get from the HQ, and the more you capature
the more capacity you get, and the more capacity you get the more guys you get.

Those guys can be equipped on the fly with weapons, and those guys with weapons
can be put in squads. and those squads have their own AI, and you will have to teach them
how to react in different combat situations, and if you are really really good doing that.
you will conquer. or else they will be slaughtered.

So here is a typical scenario
Player chooses to have a squad with 5 units.
he tells them to on enemy contact, the 2 riflemens should advance
while the MG supports them. and if one gets hurt, one will retreive and withdraw that soldier
to a safe location, and if the squad efficency gets bellow 50% they should do a tactical retreat.
Player now tells the units to do a basic move to the first cap zone. and Oh noo.
An enemy patrol is seein. the units do what they are suppose to do. but oh noo. they have an MG allready up. and that MG squad has an Radio operator. and oh no that Radio is on the same channel
as the enemy mortar team is. and the result is that it starts raining mortar shells.
and the players squads tries to retreat, they grab the wounded and starts dragging them
of screen. but sadly the enemy had a highly trained sniper squad too that eliminates them.

That is a typical scenario that could be avoided if the player would have been better.

So to some tech facs, what features will be inside this game
Squad Customization - Choice Gadgets for each soldier, training, scenarios.
Ability Customization - Create own abilites for each squad.
Item Customization - Customize weapons and Items,
Building Customization - Customize how building behave.

Construct Building.
Construct with Buildings.
Assign Unsigned units to tasks. Such as be inside buildings to defend or construct stuff.
Build Squads. - From the templates you create
Build Vehicles. - Tanks, Halftracks you name it
Order Items - Order Ammo Boxes, Weapon Boxes (With your Customization), Special Weapons.

Extra Knowledge
This system will be totally dynamic. And I have been thinking of creating
a third party system for me to create and store maps and scenarios.
and even highscores on different scenarios. Think of it as being the best
on every scenario created. that is RESPECT

And as a player when you advance and BEATS this game, you will earn badges,
and since this game will be extremely hard, not many people will earn such a badge.

So too all people out there, You have been warned, Just loading the game and realize that
this is more than just too look at. IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

And this game will also be rated only for gameplay, Because graphics is not important.

Since the game is not created of MONEY, its created of PASSION,
I will not give a release date of the beta. BUT i will give you guys
the chance to give me your thoughts.

Company of Heroes Flash - Re-made