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Creating of Company of Heroes Flash, American Army Vs Tankmen

2009-03-03 02:51:59 by Tiinusen

Okay to start with. I have been working for atleast a whole week just to finnishing up the game. and that with tearing the demo down and increasing the quality of the gameplay.

So to start with. I finally figured out what the game is going to be all about. it shall be WW2 theme
And the Teams thats going to fight is American Army vs Tankmen. So to begin with the gameplay will Rock. but as before the Graphic part is really hard to deal with, Especially trying to design a tankmen.

So what i have suceeded in doing this past week.
I have developed a Ragdoll Actionscript that i will release in public. its easy to use.
The second thing is that i have done a Function that converts Relative X,Y,Rotation values to Absolute and Back on.

So about the game
It looks almost like the same as the Old version that i posed showing the concept of Squads.
the things i have done with the graphics in creating 2 teams, and ofcourse and easy to use Weapon implementation function. and dynamic animations

So what you will experience with the new game this far is Extreme Lag but for instances its alot calculations to make a realistic war Simulator, but it will give a good feeling in the stumic because its realistic.

I am right now developing new weapons for the game. and Goal Types, Like Capturing Strategic Points, or Annilation. more will come. so when everything is done i will take like 2 hours of develpoing the AI and after that i will just concentrating on the Graphics as much as possible

About the Squad System, It will enables so that the player can dynamicly Create Different Squad types, by own designs like weapons, items, extra weapons and name of squad and number of squad members.

This is just a preview of the unfinnished graphic with the excellent gameplay.
What you see on the picture is that the American Army Gets assaulted by a Thompson squad of the Tankmen. the animations are very detailed

Creating of Company of Heroes Flash, American Army Vs Tankmen


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2009-03-12 06:02:33

Verkar gå framåt, ser jag. Häftigt!

Det ser ut att bli schysst det där.
Fast är det något gjort åt problemet att det är typ omöjligt att storma ett hus som är ockuperat av många soldater? Ens trupper kommer ju knappt fram innan de skjuts ner. :(

Annars ser jag fram emot en ny version av spelet. :)


Tiinusen responds:

Jofan. Jag jobbar som sagt inte på denna versionen. detta var bara en beta jag slängde upp för att höra vad folk tyckte om konceptet. Jag kan säga på dessa månader så har jag kommit upp med väldigt mycket. Håller just nu på med Multiplayer till spelet också